Upgrade Your Home And Save Money With Window Replacement

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Upgrade Your Home And Save Money With Window Replacement

17 December 2014
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Older windows may be disrupting your home environment and wasting your money. Older windows can have thin glass and not fit frames properly, letting in unwanted heat or cold. This can cause the heating and cooling systems in your home to work inefficiently, and run up your energy bills. Here are four ways energy efficient windows can save you money and give you peace of mind.

1. A Stable Home Climate

If your home has the right windows in place, you can relax easily and not fight the heat or cold all year long. Keeping a more consistent temperature within your home will decrease the need to keep adjusting the thermostat. Newer windows and help keep your entire home at the same temperature and decrease pockets of chilled air in the winter months, that can gather around window areas. The dependability of energy efficient windows will make your home a more relaxing environment.

2. Let the Light In

If you are shuttering your windows in the winter to keep out the cold, or closing down shades all day long to keep out the heat, upgrading windows might be in order. Well-fitted, energy efficient windows keep cold and heat from seeping through the cracks of older window frames. Thicker, more efficient panes can keep a more consistent temperature in your home. With new windows, you can finally let light into your home to enjoy year-round.

3. Going Green with Energy Efficiency

Simply by upgrading to energy efficient windows, you may be entitled to a tax break. In the last few years, the IRS has offered tax breaks to those actively updating their homes in ways that save energy. Feel good about doing your part and going green, and save some money at the same time.

4. Saving Money on Energy Bills

Simply upgrading your windows can keep your home environment at the right temperature without wasting energy. The Department of Energy lists energy efficient windows as a way to save up to $350 a year on your energy bill. Temperature regulation in your home is a quick way to lower energy bills and not run your heater or air conditioner year-round to combat older, inefficient windows.

A consistent home climate and savings in the long run can make a window upgrade worth the initial cost and effort. With so many energy efficient products on the market today, a great place to start upgrading your home is with window replacement. Talk a professional like Terry's Discount Windows & More LLC for more information.