Three Improvements For Security When Replacing The Windows In Your Home

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Three Improvements For Security When Replacing The Windows In Your Home

30 December 2014
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If you are replacing the windows in your home, you may want more than just energy efficiency. You may also want to have security for your family. This can be done with the addition of things like window films, roll down shutters and window guards. It is an investment that will help to keep your family safe, and if you are already replacing windows on your home, it will not be too much of an extra cost. If you want more security for your window replacement project, here are three things that you will want to consider:

1. Rolling Window Shutters

Rolling shutters can be a great security feature to add to your home. They will not just protect you from burglary, but can also protect your home from storms. They can be installed vertically or horizontally and come in many different styles. With roll up shutters, you will also be able to control natural lighting and get more energy savings from your window installation project.

2. Window Films To Protect Windows

Window films can also be added to the glass of your home. These can be films that can help to reduce direct sunlight, as well as make glass shatter proof. It can prevent someone from breaking a window to get into your home, or it can stop a ball from shattering a window when the kids are playing in the backyard. Window film can be used on low windows, in areas around the pool or where sports are played, and for windows where a lot of direct sunlight comes into your home.

3. Window Guards For Security And Child Safety

Window guards can be used to protect areas where windows are easily accessible, such as the basement of your home. If you have children, you can also have them installed in higher windows where you spend time with your children. It will help to make windows safer for your children by preventing them from getting to them or falling out of them.

If you do not like the idea of guards that look like bars, you may want to look for some that have a custom design, or have a metal fabricator come and make them for you. They can be made in the shape of vines, trees and other designs that are more attractive than bars.

These are some of the things that can be done to give the windows on your home more security when you have them replaced. If you want to have things that add to your home, contact a window replacement contractor that can also install these products for you. (For more information, contact Screen Masters)