Glass Decorating Ideas For Your Office

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Glass Decorating Ideas For Your Office

8 January 2015
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Are you responsible for decorating an office? Perhaps you own an office of your own. If you're looking for new decorating ideas, take advantage of these tips to make an attractive looking office using different glass options:

Mirrors: Mirrors will make even the most cramped office feel larger. However, an entire wall of mirrors may make some clients and employees feel uneasy. Instead, have a glass company install mirrors in strategic locations. Placing mirrors where they can reflect windows and the sky outside will likely give you the best results. If your office has no exterior windows, place mirrors sparingly and only on one side of your office, to subconsciously simulate what a bank of windows might look like.

Faux stained glass: If mirrors aren't your style, then have a glass company install fake stained glass windows. These are made by putting lighting into a frame and then covering it with frosted glass, to simulate light streaming in from outside. The frosted glass is then covered with a translucent vinyl with a pattern resembling traditional stained glass. Due to the variety of stained glass patterns out there, you're almost sure to find one that'll fit your style. You may, of course, also choose to use actual stained glass for an even more realistic faux window.

Real stained glass: If your office has actual windows, you can obtain better privacy by having a glass company install actual stained or frosted glass windows. This will still allow some natural light to enter your office, while blocking the inside view from curious eyes outside. If you are concerned about your employees spending too much time staring outside instead of working, obscuring the view will prevent that from happening.

Windows between areas: For a variety of reasons, you may want to open up your floor plan by partially knocking out interior walls. However, in some cases, you may wish to preserve the soundproofing that a solid wall provides. Have a glass company install double pane windows in the new opening. This will afford you with a clear view, while still partially preserving privacy for people on either side.

Skylights: If you happen to own your office building, you may wish to install skylights in your roof at various points. This can allow visitors to enjoy the sunlight and enjoy beautiful views of the sky while waiting. This can also help you save on your electricity bills, by helping to eliminate the need for artificial lighting. Since there are many different office-quality skylights available, you should consult with a professional at to determine what kind will best work with your building.