3 Ways To Protect Your Hardwood Floors From Dogs

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3 Ways To Protect Your Hardwood Floors From Dogs

14 January 2015
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People love their dogs, but they don't love what their dogs can do to their hardwood floors. It's extremely common for dogs to accidentally scratch the floors, cause them to warp because of excess moisture, or track dirt onto them and and grind it in. In order to make sure that your hardwood floors stay safe and undamaged, follow these three tips.

1. Add Thin Rugs in Front of the Doors

Dogs tend to bolt in and out of the house, especially if they are younger. When their paws go from the more textured concrete or grass surface to a slippery, hardwood surface, they are going to have to scramble in order to regain their control. They will also have dirt or other substances in their paws from being outside. In order to deal with both of these problems, you can install thin rugs or runners right in front of any door. This way, the dog will be able to make the transition from an easy-to-grip surface to a more slippery surface smoothly and reduce the amount of scrambling that occurs. The rug will also be able to catch any of the dirt that is clinging to the dog's paws and pull it off before it reaches the hardwood floors.

2. Use Gel Caps

A dog's nails are always on the outside of its paws, which means that there are ample opportunities for the floors to be scratched simply by walking on them. The easiest way to reduce this problem is to apply a cap to the dog's nails. This cap does not hurt the dog. It simply makes the edges of the nails less sharp and therefore less likely to scratch the floors. Gel caps are often considered to be the best for this purpose because they still allow a dog to walk easily and will provide a softer surface that will not scratch the hardwood floors.

3. Clean Up Any Liquids Immediately

The last way to protect your floors is to clean up any pools of liquids as soon as possible. If your dog comes in from outside when it has been raining, try to keep the areas where your dog sits contained to surfaces that will not be damaged by water. If water or urine gets on the floor, clean it up immediately. Removing the liquid quickly will keep it from seeping into the floor and causing it to warp.

For more information about how to keep your hardwood flooring undamaged for as long as possible, contact your local hardwood floors specialist.