Asphalting A Long Driveway: Three Reasons Why This Is An Excellent Idea

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Asphalting A Long Driveway: Three Reasons Why This Is An Excellent Idea

26 February 2015
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Long, winding driveways are nice because they shield your house from view and provide a scenic drive up to your home. However, if you still have a gravel driveway that is nearly a quarter of a mile long or longer, it is a pain to maintain. To save yourself the grief, have your driveway covered in asphalt. Here are three reasons why having asphalt on a long driveway is a good idea and what you should know about installing one.

Snow Removal

It is hard enough living in the city with a reasonably short driveway, but removing snow from the full length of a country driveway is a nightmare. To say that you are snowed in and have to plow your way out is an understatement. To add to the problem, plows scrape up all of the gravel and mud along such a driveway, leaving just saturated dirt behind, which quickly freezes and creates unsafe conditions. Hiring an asphalt contractor to lay down asphalt on the full length of your driveway eliminates these winter issues.

Low Maintenance

When you have a long gravel driveway, the gravel often gets spun out and off into the bushes that line it. Eventually you have to order another load of gravel to replace the lost gravel and make the surface even again. That gets very costly, especially if you replace the gravel every other year. When you have an asphalt covering on the driveway, there will be some maintenance but it is less expensive than four or five tons of gravel and you do not have to patch an asphalt drive as often.

Gentler on Vehicles

Gravel, no matter how small you make the pieces, is bumpy. Those bumps translate into problems for your vehicles' shocks, struts and tires. Unless you and everyone else you know owns and drives 4x4's, it leads to some expensive damage. Now, if you have an asphalt contractor replace your gravel drive with asphalt, the road is completely smooth and much gentler on the vehicles. In turn, you and your friends and family have fewer vehicle repairs related to road and driveway conditions.

The Length of Time Required to Asphalt Your Driveway

Most asphalt contractors will wait until the ground thaws before they bring their crew and equipment to your home. Depending on the length of your driveway, it could take a week or more. You should plan on parking your main vehicle somewhere else for the duration of the project, or take vacation time for a week so you do not have to drive anywhere. Even after the contractor and his or her crew have finished paving, you will need to let the asphalt cool and harden, which is usually an extra day or two. Contact a company like Star Paving for more information.