4 Tips For Creating A Tropical Paradise In Your Back Yard

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4 Tips For Creating A Tropical Paradise In Your Back Yard

14 April 2015
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One of the best things about an amazing tropical vacation is the ambiance- gorgeous greenery, beautiful pool, comfortable outdoor chairs and tables. You may not be able to escape to the tropics as often as you would like, but you can bring that environment back with you by designing a fantastic tropical back yard. Investing in your backyard will allow you to relax and enjoy the space all year round. Use the following tips to create a paradise right outside your back door:

Select Plants and Flowers Carefully

One of the easiest ways to transform your back yard into a tropical oasis is through the use of foliage. You may not live in a tropical climate, but there are many plants and flowers that can give the space a lush green look, and are also hearty enough to survive cooler temperatures. The key to a tropical look is layering plants, so you have some at the ground level, with others extending to different heights. Some of the best plants for a tropical back yard landscape include: ferns, palms, canna, bromeliads, mandevilla, and morning glories.

Make the Pool the focal Point of Your Back Yard

When you remember your last tropical vacation, there is a good chance that the resort you stayed at had an incredible pool. Building a custom swimming pool can instantly chance the feel of your back yard, and there are so many features available to help you create a pool that is reminiscent of one found at a high end resort. Work with your pool designer to plan a pool with water falls, a connecting hot tub, and special water features. You can even give your pool the look of a beach by choosing a zero entry design. When building a custom pool the possibilities are endless!

Add a Water Feature

The tropics often evoke an image of waterfalls and streams flowing through lush forests. You can bring flowing water into your back yard by building a small waterfall, fountain or pond. If you are handy and adept at building things, you may complete the project on your own in just a few days, or you may opt to hire a contractor to install a waterfall or fountain. The sound of flowing water is very relaxing to many people, so its presence can make a big difference to the ambiance of your yard.

Invest in Quality Outdoor Furniture

You will need seating and outdoor tables if you want to be able to relax and enjoy spending time in your tropical back yard. Look for outdoor furniture made of tropical woods, or furniture that has the look of tropical wood. Choose thick cushioning for your chairs, made of materials with bright colors and patterns. Make sure that any cushioning that you purchase is designed to be used outdoors. Contact Sunset Pools for more information.