Waiting For Repairs On Your Gas Furnace? Easy Ways To Protect You And Your Water Pipes From The Cold

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Waiting For Repairs On Your Gas Furnace? Easy Ways To Protect You And Your Water Pipes From The Cold

29 April 2015
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If your gas furnace has malfunctioned in the middle of winter, you're going to need to act fast to protect you and your water pipes from the freezing temperatures. It may be a few days before your repair technician can get out to your home, so it's important that you take a few emergency precautions to reduce the effects of the colder temperatures inside your home.

Here's how to protect you and your pipes until the repair technician can look at your furnace:

Wrap Your Water Pipes

When you think about your broken gas furnace, you probably don't think about your water pipes. Unfortunately, forgetting about your water pipes can lead to costly plumbing damage if your pipes freeze. Frozen water pipes can burst and flood your home. Which means you'll be dealing with a broken furnace and a flooded home. Protect your water pipes by insulating them. All you need to do is wrap a magazine around the water pipe and secure it with duct tape. This will keep your pipes warm and prevent freezing.

Run a Humidifier

Humidity can make it feel much warmer than it actually is. If your furnace isn't working, try running a humidifier in your home. The humidifier will add moisture to the air and elevate the interior temperature of your home. For best results, place a humidifier in each room of your home.

Make Your Own Space Heaters

If you have space heaters, you can use them in your larger rooms. However, they may not fit properly in smaller rooms, such as bathrooms. Not only that but it's not safe to leave electrical equipment plugged in around water. You can heat small spaces, like bedrooms and bathrooms, with these homemade space heaters.

Supplies You'll Need (for each heater you'll be making)

  • One 6" clay pot

  • One 4" clay pot

  • One bread loaf pan

  • Four tea light candles

  • Matches or lighter


  1. Set your loaf pan on the counter.

  2. Place four tea light candles on the bottom of the load pan.

  3. Light the candles.

  4. Set the 4" pot on top of the loaf pan with the opening facing down.

  5. Place the 6" pot on top of the smaller pot.

  6. The heat will radiate through the pot and heat your room.

If your furnace has malfunctioned in the middle of winter, you need to make sure you keep you and your water pipes warm while you wait for repairs. You can use these simple methods to keep yourself warm and prevent frozen water pipes. To learn more, contact a company like All Heating Services.