Two Of Your French Drain Concerns Answered

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Two Of Your French Drain Concerns Answered

1 June 2015
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Drainage issues can be a major problem for a countless number of homeowners, but there are several different options for correcting these issues. However, if you are wanting a discreet solution, a French drain may be the perfect option for you. These drains are buried beneath the soil, and this makes them virtually invisible. If you have never considered installing these devices before, you may need a couple of questions answered before you decide about making this upgrade to your yard.

Why Would You Need To Install A French Drain System?

While these devices are commonly used to correct drainage issues with yards, there are other reasons that you may benefit from these devices. For example, retaining walls are common additions for homeowners to make, but it is critical for you to provide the water that is trapped behind the wall with a path to drain away. In these instances, French drains are an ideal solution because the can easily be installed during the construction process, and they will provide effective drainage for many years to come. 

Another common reason for installing these devices is to mitigate damage to driveways and other paved surfaces. By placing these devices under the pavement, you can help prevent water from pooling beneath it and damaging the foundation. 

How Do You Prepare For The Installation Of A French Drain?

Permit requirements for the installation of French drains will largely depend on the community where you reside and whether or not you live under the jurisdiction of a homeowners' association. As a result, you will need to contact your local building department and homeowners' association to determine what requirements you will need to meet. If this is a step that you do not feel comfortable doing, many contractors will handle the permit process for you. 

Regardless of whether or not you need a permit, it is critical for you to contact the local utility companies and have them mark any buried lines on your property. This is a step that your contractor will require you to perform, and as a result, you need to incorporate the time needed for this task into your schedule. If you damage these lines while you are working, you may be responsible for the cost of repairing them. By having the company mark these locations, you can minimize the risk of damaging these lines while you are excavating. 

For homeowners that are facing erosion or drainage problems with their yard, French drains can be an effective solution for mitigating the worst effects of these problems. However, knowing when these drains can be beneficial and what you need to do before installing these drains can help make sure that you are able to make a practical choice for your drainage needs.