3 Rules That Will Carry You Through Your Welding Career

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3 Rules That Will Carry You Through Your Welding Career

24 June 2015
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If you are looking for a practical and fruitful career field, welding is an excellent trade to delve into. The field is growing and provides great use to a number of industries. To press forward with great advice that will carry you throughout your career, consider the following three tips. 

Tip #1: Know The Supplies That Will Help You Get The Job Done

As a welder that takes pride in your work, you will need to acquire supplies that will help you put your best foot forward. In that regard, consider some of the following tools, so that you are always well equipped:

  • Invest in goggles and a high quality welding helmet, to protect your eyes and vision from arc rays
  • A chipping hammer is a useful tool to get easy cleanups after your work is complete
  • Cable connectors allow you to easily remove electrical circuits
  • Insulated and fire resistant gloves will let you handle hot material, while protecting your skin from serious burns

Tip #2: Learn How To Take Care Of Your Welding Equipment

Buying the best welding supplies is one matter, but you will also have to maintain them, in order to help them last for years. Consider the following advice in that regard:

  • Twice per year, shut down all of your electrical devices and vacuum them, in order to allow them to rest and reboot cleanly
  • Frequently check and maintain your oil and other fluids and never allow spills to linger
  • Keep any gas cylinder driven equipment in a cool and sterile environment
  • Invest in a maintenance service plan, so that a professional can keep your systems in the best order

Tip #3: Know Where The Jobs Are

Whether you are looking to work as a freelancer or joining a large welding company, you need to know some things about the industry to always know how to find work. The oil industry is one of the biggest job providers and will be for the foreseeable future, as major pipelines have been under construction in recent years. Some 65 percent of jobs for welders are in the aeronautical and vehicle production field. Always commit yourself to continuing education and staying up to date with the skills needed, and join organizations and professional alliances, so that you're able to find job openings and opportunities. 

Follow these three golden tips, and you will enjoy continuous success as a welder. 

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