2 Things To Think About Before Buying An Entertainment Center

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2 Things To Think About Before Buying An Entertainment Center

29 July 2015
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Nothing can throw off a decorating vibe faster than a giant television and a bundle of unorganized cables. To remedy the problem, you might be tempted to head to your nearest furniture store and load up a brand new entertainment center—but how will you choose the right model? Here are two things to think about before buying an entertainment center, so that you can make your space functional and attractive:

1. Future Television Size

You might love the size of your television now, but are you planning on upgrading anytime in the future? If you invest in a larger screen a few years down the road, you might find yourself junking that entertainment center that only fits a measly thirty inch screen. To ward off problems, take the time to measure the size of your current television. Keep in mind that most monitor sizes are measured from corner to corner—not by screen width.

Also, think about whether you want to mount your television to the wall or set it on top of a credenza or media stand. Although furniture size won't matter much if you are mounting the television on the wall, some furniture isn't large enough or deep enough to bear the weight of heavier screens.

2. Gadget Placement

Unfortunately, your television isn't the only electronic device that your entertainment center will have to house. In addition to that screen, you might also end up searching for places to stash these items:

  • Gaming Consoles: Gaming consoles come in a wide range of sizes and shapes and some need to be stored vertically. Make sure that the entertainment center of your choice has enough storage for consoles, gaming paddles, cables, and extra games.
  • DVD Players: Your entertainment center might have room for that DVD player, but how accessible is the disc area? Check to see how easy it would be to insert and remove movies if your DVD player was in its place.
  • DVR Devices: Make sure that you look for furniture that will allow your remote control to communicate with your DVR player, so that you can start and stop recordings when you need to.

To top it off, make sure that your entertainment center has storage for things like manuals, remote controls, and any décor that you want to use.

By carefully evaluating your entertainment center needs, you can make your living room functional, inviting, and beautiful. For more information about cabinetry options, check out a company like Scott L Gerald Custom Cabinetry.