Bakery Remodeling Upgrades To Consider For Your Outdated Business

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Bakery Remodeling Upgrades To Consider For Your Outdated Business

8 August 2015
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Being the owner of a bakery can definitely be a sweet commercial food career, but if you have an outdated building, your daily task of serving up fresh confections can be more of a challenge than it has to be. By talking to a commercial contractor who is skilled in the food service industry, you could get some fantastic ideas about remodeling projects that could completely change the way you do business. Here are just a few modern upgrades that could be made to your bakery, which may not require a great deal of downtime.

Open Up Your Commercial Bakery Kitchen

If you have a wall that segregates your bakery kitchen area from the space where you wait on or seat guests, you should definitely consider taking down some walls. Not only will this give you more room to move around inside of the kitchen, it will give your patrons an inside peek at the hard work that goes into making the confections they love. Plus, you get to reap the benefit of taunting aromas wafting through to the rest of the bakery unbridled, which in itself is an incredible marketing ploy.

Swinging Doors and Other Convenience Additions

When business is in full swing, you and your employees may open and close doors to different areas of the kitchen and backroom a hundred times a day. If you want to help things move along faster, consider adding swinging doors to the areas that are frequented the most. Small changes like this can make a huge difference in the functionality of your bakery. Other convenience features to consider include:

  • quick access sliding doors on cooling units,
  • modern equipment additions, such as low-well fryers and convection ovens, and
  • hands-free lighting systems for walk-in freezers.

Making Wedding Cake Orders Even More Special

If part of your bakery business is making celebration cakes for big wedding day events, the customers that place these orders are likely a vital part of your business and a big part of your profits. Make sure your customers who are ordering a wedding cake get a private space to discuss their wants and questions by adding a small sitting room off in a corner of your business. The area does not have to be large, only big enough for a cozy sitting area and a book of ideas. But just this small space will easily become a trademark aspect of your bakery that customers appreciate.

Just a few tweaks, upgrades, and changes in an outdated bakery could help your business evolve and grow. Talk to a commercial contractor for more information and ideas about how you could implement a few changes in your bakery.