How Infrared Scanning Can Help You Preserve Your Commercial Roof

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How Infrared Scanning Can Help You Preserve Your Commercial Roof

24 August 2015
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A leaky commercial roof can pose a serious threat to the structural stability of the building as well as your belongings inside. It's essential to identify the presence of a leak right away to avoid having water damage spread throughout the roofing structure. This kind of damage can leave you in need of a completely new roof. With an infrared scan of your roof, you'll be able to identify some potential problems with it before they become serious. Here's a look at what you need to know about these scans and how they can help you.

What's an Infrared Scan?

An infrared scan is a process of using thermal imaging to evaluate the roof of the building. Thermal imaging shows you any temperature variances across the entire roof surface, which can help you identify potential leaks and other damage. These scans are most effective when done in the evenings, because the sun will heat the surface of your roof all day, including any water that's trapped there. As the roof cools down when the sun sets, that water is going to retain heat. That means that hot spots on an infrared scan may indicate the presence of a leak.

Is the Leak Severe?

Infrared scans can't tell you how severe a roofing leak is, only that you have one. If you know how to interpret the images, though, you may be able to estimate the severity of the leak. The more heat that's retained in the roofing membrane, the more water you probably have in that space. Your roofing contractor, like Central States Roofing, will be able to tell you where the most intense heat shows up on the scan. Start there with repairs, because they're likely to be the most damaged.

When Do I Schedule a Scan?

For the most benefit from your scan, plan for a day when the weather is clear, warm and sunny. That allows you the most benefit from the sun's rays all day, improving the accuracy of the scan. Spring and fall are good times of year to schedule these scans, because the weather's usually milder, and it gives you time to repair any damage before stronger seasonal temperatures come in.

By having your roof scanned with an infrared scanner, you can easily identify problem areas and focus your repair efforts. This will help you protect your building from extensive water damage without invasive roof structure testing and evaluation.