3 Ways Designing A Work Environment Is Like Designing A Nursery

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3 Ways Designing A Work Environment Is Like Designing A Nursery

13 October 2015
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If you have the task of updating the look and feel of your current office space, you may feel overwhelmed. There is a lot of information available about correct office design that is meant to stimulate productivity and job satisfaction. Before you get overwhelmed, though, you may want to consider the basics. If you are a parent, designing an office space is similar in many ways to designing an efficient nursery. 

Sanitation Comes First 

As a parent, you realize that a large portion of your little person's life revolves around sanitation. You spend a majority of your waking hours changing diapers, washing clothes, and sanitizing toys. Most parents quickly learn that to design their nursery in a way that makes access to a hamper and a trash receptacle quick and keep a designated changing area close to their baby's clean diapers and clothes. 

Although adults can take care of their own sanitary and hygiene, it is still important to provide an environment that allows your workers to take care of their sanitary needs easily. For example, there should be a clear path to the bathroom, and there should plenty of room in the kitchen area for workers to dry clean dishes.

Comfort and Food Are Important 

After you baby is clean and dry, the most important things in their life will be comfort and nutrition. While this can be as simple as adding a rocking chair to your nursery, it can be a bit more complicated to think about the comfort of your employees. 

You should begin your quest for comfort by following the basics of ergonomics when you purchase desks, chairs, and other office furniture. You can go beyond ergonomics by providing a comfortable lounge room for your employees and making sure they have access to a basic kitchen. 

You Cannot Forget Stimulation

Once your baby's basic needs are covered, most parents begin adding various stimulating pieces of art and toys such as mobiles and wall decorations to foster the child's creativity and curiosity. 

Your employees can benefit from a similar approach toward stimulation, which is why you need to be aware of selecting a stimulating yet inviting color palette that complements your company's culture. You will also want to add accessories such as artwork and small personalized items that stimulate creativity and make your employees feel mentally invigorated while they are at work. 

Taking these key concepts from basic parenting, you can begin to narrow down your options for the perfect workspace design