Nothing Paranormal Here! Debunking Electric Heating Noises With Simple Fixes

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Nothing Paranormal Here! Debunking Electric Heating Noises With Simple Fixes

28 October 2015
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The wind outside is rustling and cold, the moon is hidden by clouds, and you curl up in bed waiting for the heating system to warm your home. However, those rattles and bangs are keeping you wide awake and it is anything but comforting. Forget the fear that there is something paranormal taking place in the house. Your HVAC system is likely to blame for all of that spooky racket you keep hearing. Here are a few of the most common central heating system noises you might hear in the dead of night and their usual causes.  

Clanking and Banging

You may think that the clanking and banging you keep hearing is a chained spirit roaming the halls of your home, but it is highly likely that this type of sound means that there is something unhinged--and it is not your own sanity. Grab a flashlight, crank up the heat, and head either in the attic or basement to take a look at the ducts of your central heating system. Most likely, a loose bracket is allowing the duct lines to wobble and move when the forced air is moving through. Tighten anything that you find that has managed to work its way out of position.

Whistling and Squeals

The sound of high-pitched squeals and whistles when your electric heat kicks in can raise the hairs on your neck for sure. However, this is an issue that is usually easily solved as long as  you can find the source of the problem. Take a good look at all of the vent registries in the house and make sure there is nothing that has became entangled in the metal grates. If the forced air moving through is passing over a thin piece of plastic or through a tiny gap, you will hear a lot of unusual noises. Clean out anything you can find by taking off vent covers and removing any obvious debris.

Scratching, Scraping, and the Pitter-Pat of Little Feet

If you have pests inside of your heating system's ducts, you are in for a frightfully alarming experience. When the heat kicks on, it will stir up any mice or other rodents that may be hiding out inside of the ducts. This is not a problem most people want to take on on their own, so you may want to get in touch with an exterminator. However, you should also concurrently contact a HVAC services technician to ensure your ducts have not been damaged and are free from rodent nesting and excrement.

You may think that your home is haunted by restless spirits, but before you seek out the paranormal experts where you live, make sure you check out your home's heating system for likely noise-making culprits. If you are hearing noises you cannot diagnose on your own, be sure to call a professional HVAC service for advice.