3 Tips To Protect Your Hardwood Floors

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3 Tips To Protect Your Hardwood Floors

3 December 2015
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Hardwood floors are absolutely beautiful. They add sophistication and elegance to any home. Not only are they easy to maintain, but they work great for allergy sufferers. However, you could be doing things that are going to destroy your beautiful hardwood floors without even realizing it. To help keep your floors looking amazing for quite some time, here are three tips to help along the way.

Give the animals pedicures.

Regardless of whether you have one dog, one cat or an assortment of both, you need to make sure your furry friends have their nails trimmed every so often to keep them down. Otherwise, they are going to end up wearing down the finish on your floor and scratching it up. Sure, it isn't exactly a walk in the park trying to trim your pets' nails, but it is well worth it in the end. When in doubt, you can always turn to a professional groomer to get the job done for you.

Watch the oils.

Just about everyone has seen the scented oil plugins that you can plug directly into the wall outlet. They come in an assortment of different fragrances. However, they are extremely touchy. Not installing them correctly or bumping into them too hard could end up causing the oil to leak out. Since the oil heats up to emit the pleasant fragrance, it can get quite warm. This hot oil can end up destroying the finish on your floors and causing them to bubble.

Use furniture pads.

Every time you sit on a couch, chair or footstool, there is the possibility that the item is going to move across the floor a little bit. What might not seem like much now will end up wearing on your floors. You can buy small furniture pads that you can put on the bottom of your furniture items. This way, if they do slide, they aren't going to end up destroying the floors along the way. With as inexpensive as these items are, it is well worth your time and effort to purchase them and put the pads on all of your furniture.

By paying attention to the tips above, you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle along the way. You will also keep more of your money in your pocket, which is the whole point of protecting your hardwood floor investment in the first place.