5 Tips For Cleaning Your Home After Having Water Damage

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5 Tips For Cleaning Your Home After Having Water Damage

18 February 2016
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Being a homeowner is sure to bring you lots of pride and satisfaction. However, there are certain things that may occur during your home ownership that will demand your immediate attention. One of these includes having your property damaged by excessive amounts of water. In order to prevent further damage from occurring, you will need to take immediate action. Knowing specific tips you can use while cleaning up your property may be helpful in this situation.

Tip #1: Disconnect the electricity

The first thing you will want to do is to turn off the electrical power to your home. This is critical to being able to avoid dangerous and life-threatening situations, such as being electrically shocked. It may be necessary for you to consult with your electric company to do this for you if you don't know how.

Tip #2: Clean up the water

It's important to clean up all the water you can see in your home immediately. You can rely on towels, mops and water buckets to help you accomplish this goal. 

Tip #3: Turn on the fan

Getting the air flowing in your home will assist in drying out your property with the most ease. Some practical ways to do this is by turning the ceiling fans on throughout your home. Additionally, you should open all the windows to let in fresh air if the weather permits you to do so for a faster drying time of the contents in your home.

Tip #4: Use a disinfectant

After the water damage clean-up, use a disinfectant to prevent the bacteria from causing you additional problems. It's important to take the time to thoroughly disinfect all of the areas in your home that have been subjected to the excessive amount of water.

Tip #5: Organize damaged items

It will be necessary to properly dispose of the things you won't be able to use any longer because of the damage. Take the time to organize ruined furniture or home decor properly before heading off to your local waste management location. This can allow you to save time by having these things properly sorted in advance.

Dealing with water damage is never ideal or fun for that matter. However, taking immediate action is crucial to minimizing property losses and expensive repairs. Be sure to rely on contractors in your area, such as RTC Restoration, if you need assistance with this immense task.