Three Household Electrical Jobs That Are Best Left For An Electrician

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Three Household Electrical Jobs That Are Best Left For An Electrician

15 March 2016
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With the right assortment of tools and a bit of experience or know-how, it's often possible for you to accomplish small electrical-related tasks around your home. Keeping safety in mind, you can complete jobs such as installing a wall-mounted light or replacing a wall switch with a dimmer switch. There are other times, however, that you should accept help. Your local licensed electrician is the person to call for a wide range of jobs that fall outside of your comfort zone. This professional will know the steps to take to ensure that the job is done not only to your satisfaction, but also in a safe manner. Here are three jobs that should prompt you to call your electrician.

Replacing Breakers In Your Breaker Panel

If you've been dealing with frequent power outages or find that breakers in your breaker panel are constantly shutting off when you plug electrical devices into certain wall outlets, it's a sign that some breakers will need to be replaced. This job is never for the amateur; it's dangerous to work on this panel and imperative that the job is done correctly so that there's no risk of a fire in the future. Your local electrician likely has ample experience with this type of work and will be able to remove the old breakers and swap them for replacements easily and safely.

Hanging A Ceiling Fan

While you might feel comfortable installing a wall-mounted light, you probably won't feel the same way about hanging a ceiling fan. Even though the task of connecting the wires and mounting the fan to the existing electrical box is similar to working on a wall light, the job is immensely more challenging because the work is entirely overhead and the fan is heavy. This job needs to be done correctly by an electrician so that the fan is secure -- the last thing you need is the vibration from the spinning fan to cause it to come loose and fall to the floor.

Sorting Out "Octopus" Wall Outlets

The term "octopus" is given to a wall outlet that uses power bar-style accessories to supply power to multiple devices. Not only does this make the outlet look messy, but it also risks overloading the electrical circuit. You need an electrician to rectify this problem for you. The simplest solution is to add another wall outlet to the room, which your electrician, such as from K & W Electric Inc, will be able to do easily and safely.