Design A Dream Kitchen For Your Custom Home

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Design A Dream Kitchen For Your Custom Home

5 July 2016
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The kitchen is the hub of the home. It's where you cook and clean up. However, it also tends to be a meeting place for the family and friendly gatherings alike. As such, you want your kitchen to be beautiful as well as functional. As you make plans for your custom home, design a dream kitchen.

Customized Island

As you're planning your kitchen, be honest about the tasks that will take place there as well as the needed storage. A customized island can go a long way toward meeting these needs. It could be that having an extra sink built into the island will facilitate cooking and cleaning up. However, perhaps your routines are better served by an island built for casual dining. You might even consider designating a corner as a computer or homework station. Likewise, have the cabinets customized with inserts for storage.

Tailored Cabinetry

In that vein, your cabinets also need to be tailored to your storage needs. However, the façade of cabinetry takes up a lot of visual real estate, so you'll want to consider the profile they present. For example, the color of the cabinets will drive the palette of the rest of the kitchen. What's more, you may consider replacing some of the wooden doors with glass panes. If you have a modern kitchen, you may eschew the look of wood altogether. For example, Home and Garden TV describes cabinets with glass panels on hydraulics. This would be becoming in a modern kitchen.

Stone Countertops

Granite has long been the go-to choice for kitchen countertops, and you shouldn't necessarily deviate from that. You have a wide variety of choices when it comes to color and patterning with granite, as well as finishes and edging. Soapstone is also a chic countertop choice, especially in a country kitchen. However, if you want a truly luxurious countertop, consider marble. Beautiful marble fits into any style of kitchen. For example, opt for beveled edges for a cottage kitchen or an eased edge for a modern space.

Specialized Lighting

The lighting may not seem like an important focus for your dream kitchen, but it's essential. Your kitchen should ideally feature layers of light. Start with a central fixture – you could even opt for a statement chandelier or a charming set of pendants. Next, make sure your work areas are well-lit with task lighting. Under-cabinet lighting is common, but track lighting works well, too. Finally, consider accent lighting for ambiance, especially if guests may end up in the kitchen. For example, train track lighting to highlight pretty architecture in your kitchen or design china display shelves that are backlit.

With customized features, your kitchen can become an ideal center of your dream home. For more information, contact a company like Parkview Homes.