What You Should Know About A Leaky Faucet

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What You Should Know About A Leaky Faucet

1 August 2016
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Does the faucet on your kitchen sink constantly leak and is causing your water bill to be higher? It is either time for you to invest in getting a new faucet installed, or a plumber might only need to replace a damaged part. In this article, you will find some helpful information in regards to dealing with a leaky kitchen faucet.

Leakage Near the Faucet Handle

There are a few areas of a faucet that can cause water to leak around the handle. There is a part called the stem screw that is used for securing the faucet handle, which contains an adjusting ring and packing nut. It is possible that you need to get the adjusting screw tightened because it can naturally become loose from normal faucet use. When it comes to the packing nut, it might need to be replaced altogether, such as if it is too rusty to properly function. There is also a part called the O-ring inside of the stem screw that can become worn out and cause water to leak.

Dripping Around the Spout

If the water leakage is in the spout area of your faucet, it might mean that there is something wrong with the washer. A washer is a part that presses against a part called the valve seat, which is a compression mechanism between the faucet and spout. The washer is just a rubber part that prevents the spout and faucet from rubbing together and causing friction. The washer also helps with preventing water leakage from the spout. It is possible that the rubber washer is corroded from normal wear and tear, but a plumber can replace it if it is the root cause of the faucet leak.

The Price a Plumber Charges for a Repair

The price that you are charged for a plumber to fix your leaky faucet will vary based on the extent of labor that is necessary. Keep in mind that some plumbers will automatically charge a service fee that is estimated at $75 plus. If you are not charged a flat fee for the repair, you should expect to be charge a minimum of at least $45 per hour. The service fee will be charged along with the hourly rate, so if it takes a plumber an hour to fix the leak, you are looking at spending a minimum of $120 altogether. Make an appointment with a plumber so your leaky faucet can be repaired.