Designing A Screened-In Front Porch

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Designing A Screened-In Front Porch

5 August 2016
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A screened-in porch is a neighborly affair. It's easy to see neighbors while you're sitting on your porch and invite them over. However, a screened-in porch also affords you some privacy while enjoying your front yard. Elements such as windows and décor make your screened-in porch especially homey and welcoming.

Replace the Windows to the House

When you're enclosing a porch, the windows between the house and porch take on new importance. The windows will affect the design not only of the interior room, but also the porch itself. You may want to enlarge the windows to allow more light into the interior. Likewise, you may want to switch to picture windows instead of those that open. Additionally, consider replacing the door with a sliding glass door to open up the two areas to each other.

Add the Porch Windows

Your biggest decision for the windows, though, remains those for the porch itself. It will likely be necessary to build half walls around the porch to insert the windows. However, you don't want to enclose the space to the point where it feels like another interior room.

The solution is to opt for large windows, especially those with single panes of glass. They keep the view as open as possible while still offering shelter. Many homeowners opt for casement windows, as you can crank these almost fully open for a nice breeze. No matter the opening style, include screens to keep your space free of insects and generally cleaner.

For a really sunny porch, Better Homes and Gardens suggests adding a skylight. Select a spot that will maximize the sun exposure, such as over a casual dining space or a space targeted for a container garden. Click here to learn more about window replacement.

Beautify the Walls

When you screen in a porch, the exterior walls of the house suddenly become the interior walls of a room. Depending on the style of your exterior walls, you may want to panel them to give your porch a more cohesive look. Beaded board paneling is a charming method for giving your porch a Southern style. If you have a home with a smooth façade, though, it may be sufficient to simply paint all the walls the same color.

Decorate your Porch

The final step in creating your screened-in porch is decorating it. Again, styles will vary. However, some elements should be included. First off, lay down a rug to create the feeling that the porch is partially an indoor room. Secondly, include lots of comfortable seating. Finally, consider your storage options. Perhaps you'll have bench seating with interiors for storage or include a pretty bookcase.

From windows to décor, design a homey screened-in porch that welcomes your visitors.