3 Common Kitchen Sink Problems And How To Fix Them

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3 Common Kitchen Sink Problems And How To Fix Them

25 August 2016
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You likely use your kitchen sink a lot each day, and it could have many problems. Below are three common problems found with kitchen sinks that you may be able to fix on your own to save some money.

Leaking Around the Handle

If you notice water leaking around the handle on your kitchen faucet, remove the aerator and see if it is clogged with debris. If you see any, hold the aerator under hot running water until the water flows freely through it. Replace the aerator and your problem should be solved. If you are still having this problem, you may need to replace the aerator or the faucet may need to be replaced.

Slow Drain

If your kitchen sink is draining slow, this is generally an easy thing to fix. A common cause to this is having a clog in the sink. You can use a drain cleaning product found in many stores to try to clear the drain. If you do not want to use chemicals, use a plunger on the sink to see if the clog will come out. Run water as you are using the plunger. A snake can also be used down the drain to dislodge the clog. You can buy snakes at home supply stores made for this purpose.

If you continue to have this problem, you have a clog deeper into the plumbing, which would be difficult for you to find and repair.

Leaking Pipes

You may notice water leaking under your kitchen sink. If so, you need to fix it immediately even if it is a slow leak. If not, the water leak can cause a lot of damage. Fortunately, you may be able to fix this problem yourself.

If the leak is coming from the P-trap, there could be a loose connection or the drainpipe may have a clog. Turn off the water for your home and remove the P-trap. Look for any clogs inside of it. Even if you do not see any, you can go ahead and clean it.

Replace the P-trap and tighten the nuts. You may be able to do this by hand if you have plastic P-traps, but you still may need some pliers. If you have a metal P-trap and you cannot turn the nuts, they are likely corroded and the trap should be replaced.

If you cannot fix any of the above problems with your sink on your own, you should contact a plumber to repair them for you. This is important as any plumbing problem can become much worse which can result in very large repair bills.