Why Wood Is Still A Great Storm-Window Product

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Why Wood Is Still A Great Storm-Window Product

5 October 2016
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Replacing your storm windows is obviously a very important home improvement project. These days, most customers who are investing in new windows often choose synthetic products like vinyl or fiberglass because they are low maintenance. However, they often buy these products with a fake wooden print and texture. Basically, they want their windows to look like they're made out of wood, but don't want to deal with the maintenance. In reality, the maintenance necessary for wooden windows is not all that intense or time-consuming. This article explains the process of maintaining wooden windows. It should help you realize that, although wooden windows require a little more maintenance, this should not dissuade you from choosing this great product for your home.

Wood Colors and Styles

If you have raw wooden windows installed in your home, you have a plethora of design options. Most often, homeowners will choose a clear or tinted stain that highlights the wood grains and knots. The look of real wood is very desirable. However, wood can also be painted with a solid finish to coordinate better with modern home styles. Since you can paint your wooden window frames any color, the possibilities are endless. Materials like vinyl and aluminum need to be painted in a factory using electrostatic techniques. Because of this, you need to pay a lot more if you want a custom color. Also, it is very hard to change the paint on these synthetic materials after they are installed. Wooden windows can be painted or stained with brushes and rollers. So, over the years you can update the color and style of your window however often you want to.

Wood Maintenance

The difficulty of maintaining wooden windows depends partly on your climate. However, as long you keep your wood sealed with a protective clear coat, your windows will be able to withstand the elements. A clear-coat stain can be applied of any stain or solid paint. Obviously, the exterior side of your frame will need closer attention. If you apply a clear coat every couple of years, it is unlikely that you will need to invest in fully refinishing your windows. Refinishing wood is a complicated and expensive job, but it can be avoided if you maintain your windows.

As you can see wooden storm windows are not that difficult to maintain. You will need to give them a little extra TLC, but you will also have the most stylish windows on the block. For more information on your options for storm windows, contact a company like Southern Glass & Mirror.