2 Great Reasons To Install A Radiant Floor Heating System

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2 Great Reasons To Install A Radiant Floor Heating System

14 November 2016
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When it comes to the heating in your home, there are a few different ways that you can go about doing it. While you will always likely have a traditional heating system, there are also other things that you can do to heat your home. One great system to incorporate is a radiant floor heating system. This type of a system is actually installed in your floors and provides heat this way. There are several unique benefits that come along with installing a radiant floor heating system in your home. This article will discuss 2 excellent reasons to install this heating system. 

It Can Be Installed Under Several Different Kinds Of Flooring

One awesome benefit of installing a radiant floor heating system is the fact that you can install it under several different kinds of floors. This means that you aren't going to be limited in terms of your flooring choices just because you want them to be heated. Some popular flooring types for heated floors include tile, laminate, engineered wood, and natural stone. These types of flooring are great for radiant floor heating systems because they conduct heat well, they don't expand and contract with hot and cold, they are stable, and more. The three types of flooring that aren't great to use with radiant floor heating are carpeted floors, wood floors, and vinyl floors. The pad under the carpet makes it hard for the heat to travel clear up to the surface of the carpet, the wood in the wood flooring will expand and contract with the heat, and the vinyl flooring can actually become discolored by the heat. 

It Can Save You Money On Your Heating Bill

The radiant floor heating can save you money on your heating bill for a couple different reasons. One reason being that it is going to take much less energy to transfer the heat from the radiant floor heating system into the floor than it is to blow heat out of a vent in your wall. This means that the heat rising from your floors can heat your home for a much more affordable price. Also, because you can pick and choose what rooms in your home are going to have their radiant heating floor system turned on at any given time, you can also save money because you won't have to pay to heat rooms that you aren't currently occupying. 

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