3 Important Things You Need To Do To Keep Your Well Water Safe

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3 Important Things You Need To Do To Keep Your Well Water Safe

5 December 2016
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If you have a well on your property, you likely want to ensure that the water coming into your home is safe. There are numerous concerns that well owners face that are different from those of individuals who get their water from municipal water sources. The following are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that your well water is safe.


You need to have your well water tested even if it looks and tastes fine. This is because you could have low levels of harmful substances in your water, but over time these toxic substances may saturate your water even more. This can lead to preventable illnesses occurring unnecessarily. Preliminary testing can likely be performed onsite, which will give you an immediate idea of what should be done next. You can request to have water samples sent to a certified lab for additional analysis, but the preliminary test should give you an idea of the minerals present in your water, odor, color, and its pH. 


If problems are detected with your water, you will need to have it treated to ensure that it is safe to consume. You might have to temporarily drink bottled water if your water is determined to be contaminated with certain substances such as bacteria. There are numerous treatment options to make water safer to drink. For example, you might need to have a whole-house water filtration system installed to filter out harmful substances and certain minerals. The solution needed to treat your water will be dependent on your budget and the problems that are found during water testing.


You might find out that your water is safe to drink. Perhaps you will find this out after employing the water treatment solutions recommended. This does not mean that your water will be safe to drink indefinitely. It will still be necessary to ensure that parts of your well system are serviced. For example, low water pressure can cause sediment and other substances to contaminate water. Faulty well pumps and pressure tanks can be the cause of low water pressure. This is why your well pump and pressure tank need to be routinely inspected and serviced. 

A water treatment company like Valley Drilling Corp is an excellent resource to use to ensure that your well water is safe. They can test your water as well as service and repair broken parts of your well system. If there are issues that are detected during testing, these professionals can remedy them to keep your family safe and healthy. Some issues with well water may not be an immediate health risk, but they can cause major inconveniences. For example, if hard water is causing issues such as soap scum buildup, these professionals can install a water softener in your home.