Tips For Installing A Rain Gutter System On Your Custom Built Craftsman Style Home

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Tips For Installing A Rain Gutter System On Your Custom Built Craftsman Style Home

2 November 2017
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Building a custom craftsman style home comes with many different decisions you will need to make. While you have likely already decided on a roofing material you want to use, it is less likely you have given any serious thought to its rain gutter system. In the grand scheme of things, rain gutters are vital to a home's waterproofing, yet most people treat them like a roofing afterthought. Having the correct rain gutter system installed on your home will ensure that rainwater is diverted away from your home's siding and foundation where it can cause expensive water damage.

There are a wide variety of different types of rain gutters and downspout options on the market today. In addition, many people are foregoing traditional downspouts and installing decorative rain chains on their craftsman style homes.

To ensure you get the most out of your new home's rain gutter system, follow these installation tips:

Tip: Strongly Consider Installing Copper Rain Gutters on a Craftsman Style Home

Back at the time when craftsman homes were originally built, they typically had copper roofs and rain gutters installed on them. While it is true that copper was a lot cheaper back then, it was never used as an inexpensive option. Instead, the copper went well with both the style and woodwork associated with craftsman homes. In addition, copper is a natural material and the arts and crafts movement was all about using natural materials.

For these reasons, you should strongly consider installing a copper rain gutter system on your new home, even if you use a lower-priced roofing material like asphalt shingles or steel metal panels. 

Tip: Use Rain Chains Instead of Downspouts in Highly-Visible Areas

The recent exterior decorating trend of using rain chains instead of downspouts is a great bandwagon to hop on when you are building a classic craftsman home. Rather than hang simple link chains, search around for some decorative chains in a shape that will complement your home's unique style. Some good examples are those with angular or organic shapes.

Tip: Have the Rain Gutter System Professionally Installed

Finally, regardless of the rain gutter system you choose to install on your new custom craftsman home, it is vital you have it professionally installed. While a well-installed rain gutter system will blend in seamlessly with your home and provide added detail with specialty downspout options, a badly installed system will stick out and negatively affect the overall look of your home.