Live On A Hill? 3 Things You Can Do To Stabilize The Soil & Prevents Rock Falls

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Live On A Hill? 3 Things You Can Do To Stabilize The Soil & Prevents Rock Falls

19 January 2018
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If you recently purchased a house that has a hill either behind it or in front of it that is part of your property, you need to learn some techniques for stabilizing the soil so that it doesn't continually erode, run downward, and loosen potentially dangerous rocks.

Be Careful with Clearing Space

It can be natural to want to clear space on your property so that you can do your own thing with your property. However, when you live on hill, you need to be careful about what you remove. 

You don't want to get rid of all the vegetation in one area all at once. Getting rid of all the vegetation at once will reduce the stabilization of your soil. Instead, you need to look at your property and think about what you can keep in place. You want to leave as much vegetation on the ground as you can. Work around the present vegetation, and if you do remove ground coverage, make sure that immediately have a plan to replace that ground coverage.

The root system of the current vegetation plays a large roll in stabilizing the soil and keeping everything in place. Getting rid of this will reduce the stability of the soil and result in the potential for lose rocks.

Have A Drainage Plan

The next thing you need to do is make sure that you have a drainage plan. Have a professional come out and assess your drainage plan. You need to have a gutter system that works. You need to have a solid plan for where all the water that comes out of your downspout goes.

When you live on a hill, you want to control where the water goes instead of letting the structure determine where the water goes. This make take a little planning; ditches and drainage channels may need to be dug on your property to ensure that the water goes where you want it to. Having a solid drainage plan is essential for controlling how the soil and stability of your hill.

If you purchased a home with a hill behind it or in front of it, the first two things you need to do to control the soil is be careful about clearing the land and make sure that you not only have a good drainage plan, but a good drainage set-up. These are the first two steps you need to take in order to keep the soil and rocks on your hill stable. Contact a company, like Geotech Solutions Inc, for more help.