Four Uses For Metal Buildings And One Use You Should Avoid

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Four Uses For Metal Buildings And One Use You Should Avoid

1 March 2018
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Metal buildings can have many uses. There are also some uses you should definitely avoid. As the old adage says, "There is a time and a place for everything." No truer words could be applied to metal buildings. Here is what you can use them for, and one use you should avoid.

Gardening Sheds

Because metal collects and radiates heat, you could really grow a lot of things in your metal shed. Just make sure all of your plants get a little sunlight, too. Air out the shed once in a while so that the plants do not get too much heat. Unless you are growing cacti and poinsettias, most plants should not constantly be exposed to high temperatures. Attach a watering hose or a sprinkler system to the inside of the metal gardening shed for easy watering.

Hobby Sheds

Medium-sized metal buildings work great as hobby sheds. You will need to cut several holes out for windows so that you get a nice cross-breeze through the building. Trying to work in a hot metal shed on your hobbies is defeating. You will be uncomfortable, and your materials may suffer. Having those windows and that cross-breeze will transform the shed into a much more comfortable work space. It will prevent heat damage to wood, paint, solvents, and other hobby materials, too.

Machine Sheds

Really big metal buildings are ideal machine sheds for farms. You can store all of your farm equipment in these sheds. From your combines to your tractors and hay wagons, it will all be safe in here.

Small Livestock Sheds

Smaller livestock can reside in a metal barn. Sheep, goats and pigs will not do the damage a horse or cow will to the metal siding of the building. That means that they can reside in these buildings, so long as the buildings are well-aerated and kept comfortable for the animals. Most chicken farmers can use the metal buildings, too.

What NOT to Use Metal Buildings For

No matter the need, you should never use metal buildings to house cattle or horses. Both of these immense animals have a tendency to charge or kick, and too many animals have put their feet through a metal barn. When they do, they become frantic, and rip their legs to shreds. Most of the time the injuries are so bad that a vet cannot do a thing to save them. Then the animals have to be put down. 

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