3 Reasons To Have A Backyard Basketball Court Installed By Concrete Professionals Instead Of Attempting It Yourself

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3 Reasons To Have A Backyard Basketball Court Installed By Concrete Professionals Instead Of Attempting It Yourself

16 November 2018
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Whether you're building a court for your kids or for you and your friends, and outdoor basketball court is a great place to play and get some exercise when the weather is nice. However, building a concrete basketball court is a large project that needs to be done perfectly in order to get the best results — you need an even surface that doesn't affect the way the ball bounces, and the surface needs to be slightly textured in order to prevent injury. If you're thinking of installing a concrete basketball court in your backyard, here are three reasons why it's best to hire a professional concrete contractor instead of trying to do it yourself.

1. Professional Pouring Provides a Level Playing Surface With Small Expansion Joints

A professional concrete contractor will give your backyard basketball court a gentle, even slope to allow for drainage without affecting gameplay. A steeply-sloped court or a court that has small valleys in it due to an uneven pour will affect the way the basketball bounces. When the surface is as level as possible, an outdoor basketball court plays similarly to an indoor court.

Any concrete slab needs expansion joints to allow the concrete to expand without cracking during warm weather. For most concrete applications, such as a driveway, the size of the expansion joints doesn't matter. However, expansion joints need to be as small as possible when you're building a concrete basketball court — large joints with a wide gap between them can cause players to trip and fall during the game. When you hire a professional to build your outdoor basketball court, they will use their expertise to minimize the space required for the expansion joints, reducing the risk that players will trip during the game. In some cases, this requires cutting the expansion joints into the slab with a saw after the concrete has hardened, which is something that's best handled by professionals.

2. An Even, Textured Finish From a Concrete Contractor Provides a Non-Slip Surface

If concrete is finished improperly, it can become a safety hazard — a smooth finish on your concrete basketball court will create a slippery surface that can easily result in players sliding and falling during the game, especially if the surface is wet. In order to create a safe backyard basketball court, you need to hire a professional contractor to give the surface a light broom finish. This creates a slightly textured surface that provides greater traction and prevents the surface from becoming slippery when it's raining.

3. Surfacing Your Court With Acrylic Is Easier When It's Professionally Installed

In addition, you'll most likely want to seal the concrete with an acrylic surface after it has fully cured. Not only does the acrylic surface help protect the concrete underneath from water damage, but it provides a much softer playing surface. This helps you to avoid injuries that might result from falling on the court. Acrylic sport surfaces are also slightly springy, which makes playing on an acrylic surface easier on your joints than playing on bare concrete. An even finish provided by a professional concrete contractor will help the acrylic surface adhere to your basketball court, so hiring a professional is the best choice when you're planning to place an acrylic surface on the court.

Installing a concrete basketball court in your backyard is a large project that's best left to the professionals. You'll be rewarded with a long-lasting playing surface that provides excellent game play due to its evenness, and you'll have the option to easily surface it with acrylic to make playing on the surface easier on your joints. If you're thinking about installing a basketball court in your backyard, call a professional concrete contractor — you'll end up with a court that's a joy to play on.