Are You Designing Your Own Small Home?

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Are You Designing Your Own Small Home?

24 June 2019
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Is this the first time that you will have designed your own home? If so, perhaps you already know exactly which features you want included in the design of your new smaller house. On the other hand, maybe the design process is harder than you thought it would be. If that's the case, from selecting the main floor plan to paying attention to every detail of the design, here are some ideas that might help you.

The Main Plan - Because you are designing and building a small home, consider how you want to use your limited space. For example, if you work from your home, couldn't one room serve as both an office and a guest room? Maybe you enjoy entertaining. If that's the case, what about putting the greatest part of your available square footage into a living room - dining room combination. That area could also serve as your entertainment room and a library, right? 

Consider making your master bedroom a second sitting room. Instead of having chests of drawers, use the wall space for a small divan and occasional chairs that will complement your bedroom decor. Add a television set, and you'll have your own mini living room, a personal getaway for times that you have guests and you just need a break. 

Attention To Detail - As you design your home, consider even the smallest details. For example, if you have dogs that live inside the house with you, wouldn't it be smart not to have a single carpet or rug in the house? If you have tile or hardwood floors, it's not a big deal if a pet has an accident because it is easily cleaned up. Maybe you have valuable glass collectibles. If so, perhaps you could include a recessed wall niche where they could be safely displayed behind glass. 

If your plot of ground is super small, don't give up on having a lovely outside area as part of your small home design. Think of establishing a small patio where you can have pretty outdoor furniture. Even a couple of rocking chairs would be good furniture choices. Whether you choose rocking chairs or other occasional chairs, think of adding a small table that will be the perfect place to place drinks and other small items. 

Consider having a cover to your patio so you can use it even on rainy days. Decorative bird houses and plants hanging from the patio ceiling would add interest to the area. 

For help with the design and building of your new home, work with a custom home building contractor in your area.