5 Types Of Dormer Windows You Can Install In Your Home

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5 Types Of Dormer Windows You Can Install In Your Home

28 July 2019
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If you have dormers in your attic, you are going to want to consider dormer window installation. Dormer windows allow light into your attic and can make your attic into a more usable space. Dormer windows also add to the overall architectural style of your home.

Type #1: Gable Dormer

Gable dormers are the most common type of dormer window style. With this type of window style, there is a triangular roof with pitches on each side over the window that are equal and even with one another.

Type #2: Hip-Roof Dormer

With a hip roof dormer, the window pops-out from the roof, with walls on two sides and the window facing forward, and a matching roof setup. With this type of window, a rectangular window with two panes of glass are commonly used.

Type #3: Flat Roof Dormer

With a flat roof dormer, the window is designed to pop-out from the roof, with two walls on each side. However, instead of a peaked roof, there is a flat roof on the dormer. With this style, usually a large rectangular picture window, that fills in the front-facing wall, with a little bit of a frame around it, it commonly used.

Type #4: Bonneted Dormer

A bonneted dormer looks similar to a gable dormer; however, instead of having a slanted roof, the dormer has a slightly arched roof. It is common for the window to be set-back within the dormer in this type of set-up. With a bonneted dormer, a rectangular window with an arched window over the top may be used or a custom arched window that is rectangular in shape, with an arched top instead of a flat top is used.

Type #5: Eyebrow Dormer

With an eyebrow dormer, the dormer itself is low and wide. There are no defined sides to the dormer, it just curves and meets with the roof as one. With this type of dormer, you have a few different window options. You can go with a long rectangular window to fill the space. Or you can install a half-arched window.

When it comes to dormers on your home, the type of window you should use with different dormer styles is all about finding a window that fits with the overall shape of the dormer. It is common to install picture windows that don't open-up for dormer windows; dormer windows are more about allowing light into your attic, and less about facilitating the flow of air in your attic.