Working With A Contractor To Build Your Warehouse Or Industrial Building

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Working With A Contractor To Build Your Warehouse Or Industrial Building

25 November 2019
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Building a new building or warehouse for your industrial business can add needed space to your operation and increase the productivity of the company. Finding the right contractor to work with makes constructing the building much more straightforward and ensure you get the quality job you expect. 

Finding a Builder

Finding a builder to put up a building for you is not difficult, but finding industrial style builders can be a little harder. You need a contractor that has the knowledge of industrial construction and understands why specific features of your building need to be constructed in a particular way. Not every builder gets that, and some have no experience working with steel construction.

Industrial construction almost always uses steel for the durability of the building. It is also easier to construct a large open building floorplan if you can use steel trusses to span the distance across the building and not have to place support pillars in the center of the building.

Foundations or Concrete Pads

Another feature that is often a little different in that the steel building you put up for your company may not have a traditional foundation. Often, these steel buildings use a construction method that allows the contractor to place the verticle members of the building into the ground or attach them to footers that are made of concrete and buried in the ground. 

The floor is poured concrete, but instead of having to be part of the foundation, it can be a little thinner and use less concrete. If the floor sustains damage in some way later, a contractor can cut out the damage and replace that section of the floor without concern of weakening the structure.

Siding with Steel

The outside of the building is often sided with corrugated steel for several reasons. In an industrial building, where damage could occur to the outside of the building, the steel is easy to replace. If a truck or equipment strikes the building and the siding was torn, the section with the damage is replaceable without having to reside in the entire building.

Steel siding is often less expensive than other types of siding, and it is available in many colors. You can select prepainted siding, and the contractor can put it up in far less time than traditional siding. Add to that; the reduction in time for painting and finishing, and you can see the appeal of steel siding.

The metal siding will stand up in this environment for years and look great the doing it. If you do decide to change the color later, repairing is possible down the road.