Still Storing Your Equipment At The Office? 4 Reasons Why You Should Be Using A Contractor Storage Yard

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Still Storing Your Equipment At The Office? 4 Reasons Why You Should Be Using A Contractor Storage Yard

5 January 2020
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When you own a construction company, it's imperative that you provide storage for all your equipment. Many owners feel that storing their equipment at the office is the best option. If you're of the same mindset, you might be setting yourself up for some problems. You see, when it comes to storing your construction equipment, off-site storage yards are the best option. Here are just four of the reasons why you need to clear your property and send your equipment to an off-site contractor storage yard. 

Reduce Your Liability Costs

If you're storing your equipment at the office, you're increasing your liability costs without realizing it. This increased cost comes in the form of insurance premiums and accident claims. Every piece of equipment that you have stored at the office requires you to pay additional insurance premiums for coverage. Not only that but if someone is injured on any of the equipment you keep on-site, you're responsible for the medical treatment. Those costs can increase quickly if the injured party chooses to sue for damages. You can reduce your liability costs by storing your equipment at a contractor storage yard. 

Make Your Site More Secure

If you've got all your expensive equipment stored at the office, you need to be concerned about security, especially while you're no on-site. Theft and vandalism can take a bite out of your operating costs, especially if you're forced to replace your damaged or stolen equipment. One of the benefits of storing your equipment at a contractor storage yard is that it will be locked away behind security fences and watched over by 24-hour surveillance cameras. 

Create Room for Expansion

If you're storing all your construction equipment at the office, you probably don't have much room for expansion. In fact, you might not even have enough room for adequate parking. That lack of space can create quite a problem when you're trying to run a thriving construction company. One way to create room for expansion and increased parking lot space is to send your construction equipment to a storage yard. The space you clear up on-site can be put to good use for other purposes. 

Provide a Central Pickup Point

If you work throughout the community and your office isn't centrally located, your crew may be wasting valuable time running back and forth for supplies. That's a problem you face when you store all your construction equipment at the office. However, when you choose a storage yard that's centrally located, your crew can pick up the equipment they need without running all the way back to the office.

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