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Summers Are More Fun with a Backyard Deck

When I was growing up, my family home had a backyard deck. I didn't realize how much I loved it until I later moved into my own home that didn't have one. We used to have family over for outdoor gatherings and cook out on it. It was covered, so if it rained, it never ruined the party! As a teenager, one of my favorite ways to relax was to go outside onto the deck and listen to the rain fall on its roof. The sound was so soothing. After enduring one summer in my new home with no deck, I was determined to have one installed quickly. I found a local contractor who got the job done quickly and accurately, and my house now feels like a "home!" I decided to start a blog to share what I learned during the deck construction process along with some other tips!


Tips When Having A Custom Wood Building Created

12 April 2021
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Wood is an incredible material, especially when it's used to create custom buildings. It can be cut and connected together in dynamic ways. If you see the benefits of this material and are subsequently having a custom wood building created, acknowledge a couple of tips before this project starts. Discuss Plans with a Specialized Builder You don't have to design a custom wood building alone. You can find specialized builders that make these structures all the time. Read More …

Three Advantages Of Using A Contractors That Offers Design And Construction Services

16 February 2021
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Managing the process of designing and building your new home will be one of the more challenging things that you can undertake. However, using a contractor that offers full-service design and building services can provide you with some important advantages that can help to make this entire process an easier experience for you. Keep Communications Simple Communication issues between the designer and the general contractor can lead to some significant issues for the project that may range from minor delays to structural errors in the building. Read More …

Three Places To Use Glass Blocks In Your Home

11 December 2020
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If you've set some money aside for a home remodeling project, it's a good idea to think about what changes you can make that you'll enjoy daily. While adding a home theater or building a loft over your garage can be exciting projects, don't shy away from those that are simpler, too. One option is to hire a professional who has extensive experience working with glass blocks. Typically square and fairly thick, glass blocks can help to make spaces brighter and feel larger. Read More …

2 Household Habits That Increase The Need For More Frequent Septic Tank Cleanings

23 October 2020
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If your home uses a septic system to deal with your household's waste, you may already have a schedule worked out with a service to come out regularly to clean and pump out the tank. You may have noticed, however, that the system backs up more often, leading to extra service calls. While you may believe there is something wrong with the tank, there is a strong possibility that the more frequent cleanings are caused by one or both of the following household habits. Read More …

Bathroom Remodeling: Your Questions Answered

28 August 2020
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A bathroom is a space of function for sure, but a nice bathroom can bring a lot of value to your home and your everyday life. Here are a few things you may want to know before you get started.  Where is the best place to start with a bathroom remodel? Planning is hands-down the best place to start your remodel. The best-made plan is going to carry you from start to finish without a lot of stress and keep you on budget. Read More …