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Summers Are More Fun with a Backyard Deck

When I was growing up, my family home had a backyard deck. I didn't realize how much I loved it until I later moved into my own home that didn't have one. We used to have family over for outdoor gatherings and cook out on it. It was covered, so if it rained, it never ruined the party! As a teenager, one of my favorite ways to relax was to go outside onto the deck and listen to the rain fall on its roof. The sound was so soothing. After enduring one summer in my new home with no deck, I was determined to have one installed quickly. I found a local contractor who got the job done quickly and accurately, and my house now feels like a "home!" I decided to start a blog to share what I learned during the deck construction process along with some other tips!


Detecting And Repairing A Rip In Your Pool Liner

4 February 2015
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Swimming pools lose water virtually every day as a result of evaporation. Consequently, it can often be difficult for pool owners to determine whether their pool's water loss is natural or if they have a rip in their liner. This is especially true when dealing with small holes that may only result in minor water loss each day. The problem is, if these small holes are not quickly located and repaired, they can easily turn into much larger holes that may require you to replace your entire liner in order to repair. Read More …

Benefits Of Going Trenchless When Replacing Your Sewer Line

29 January 2015
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After a pipe has burst underneath your home, it can be alarming to make a quick decision on how to get your sewer line replaced. If you want the most efficient and money-saving option for the long run, it's helpful to consider all the benefits that come with going trenchless. Not only do trenchless sewer lines require less people to properly install, you'll also be able to enjoy the lines lasting for much longer without a high risk of cracking or damage. Read More …

Five Things You Will Want To Consider When You Have A Sprinkler System Install For Your Home

27 January 2015
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Sprinkler systems can be a great way to keep your landscaping green and give your garden the watering it needs. If you want to have a sprinkler system installed of your home, there are a few things that you will want to consider. You may need to have things like a backflow prevention device installed, programmable controls and other features for your irrigation system. If you are going to be having a sprinkler system installed for your home, here are five things that you will want to consider first: Read More …

How To Eliminate Rust On A Pear Tree

22 January 2015
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As anyone who has pear trees in their yard knows, these trees make marvelous ornamentals that add to your property's aesthetic value. Pear trees also produce tasty fruit as long as the tree is properly maintained and devoid of any disease. One common affliction of pear trees is rust, which is produced by fungi. There are many different species of fungus that cause rust, which can in turn harm your fruit trees. Read More …

What Is Your Elevator Trying To Tell You? Warning Signs Of Potential Problems

19 January 2015
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Even if you institute and keep up with a comprehensive maintenance plan for your elevators, they're going to need repair or replacement at some point along the way. The mechanical components of the elevator will wear from use. The key is recognizing the signs of that wear and tear before they lead to complete failure that renders your elevator unusable. Here are some of the key warning signs that you should watch for to address elevator problems before they lead to serious issues. Read More …