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Summers Are More Fun with a Backyard Deck

When I was growing up, my family home had a backyard deck. I didn't realize how much I loved it until I later moved into my own home that didn't have one. We used to have family over for outdoor gatherings and cook out on it. It was covered, so if it rained, it never ruined the party! As a teenager, one of my favorite ways to relax was to go outside onto the deck and listen to the rain fall on its roof. The sound was so soothing. After enduring one summer in my new home with no deck, I was determined to have one installed quickly. I found a local contractor who got the job done quickly and accurately, and my house now feels like a "home!" I decided to start a blog to share what I learned during the deck construction process along with some other tips!


3 Common Kitchen Sink Problems And How To Fix Them

25 August 2016
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You likely use your kitchen sink a lot each day, and it could have many problems. Below are three common problems found with kitchen sinks that you may be able to fix on your own to save some money. Leaking Around the Handle If you notice water leaking around the handle on your kitchen faucet, remove the aerator and see if it is clogged with debris. If you see any, hold the aerator under hot running water until the water flows freely through it. Read More …

Creating A Sprinkler System For A Home That Gets Water From A Well

16 August 2016
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If you have a well pump, and you plan to irrigate your yard with an automated sprinkler system, your task becomes slightly more complicated than installing a sprinkler system in a home that gets its water from a municipal water supply. You have to consider the level of water in your aquifer, the size of your pumps, and the pressure you are able to achieve. Once you know these values, you can then get started on the task of designing your sprinkler system. Read More …

Designing A Screened-In Front Porch

5 August 2016
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A screened-in porch is a neighborly affair. It's easy to see neighbors while you're sitting on your porch and invite them over. However, a screened-in porch also affords you some privacy while enjoying your front yard. Elements such as windows and d├ęcor make your screened-in porch especially homey and welcoming. Replace the Windows to the House When you're enclosing a porch, the windows between the house and porch take on new importance. Read More …

Tips For Spotting And Treating Basement Moisture

1 August 2016
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If you've started to notice a musty odor in your home's basement, that's a key indication that there's a moisture problem in there somewhere. Before you can effectively waterproof the property, you'll need to identify the source. Here are some tips to help you spot the source of the problem and seal your basement against further issues. Finding The Source Of The Moisture Before you can adequately protect your basement, you need to know where the moisture is coming in. Read More …

What You Should Know About A Leaky Faucet

1 August 2016
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Does the faucet on your kitchen sink constantly leak and is causing your water bill to be higher? It is either time for you to invest in getting a new faucet installed, or a plumber might only need to replace a damaged part. In this article, you will find some helpful information in regards to dealing with a leaky kitchen faucet. Leakage Near the Faucet Handle There are a few areas of a faucet that can cause water to leak around the handle. Read More …