Summers Are More Fun with a Backyard Deck

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Summers Are More Fun with a Backyard Deck

When I was growing up, my family home had a backyard deck. I didn't realize how much I loved it until I later moved into my own home that didn't have one. We used to have family over for outdoor gatherings and cook out on it. It was covered, so if it rained, it never ruined the party! As a teenager, one of my favorite ways to relax was to go outside onto the deck and listen to the rain fall on its roof. The sound was so soothing. After enduring one summer in my new home with no deck, I was determined to have one installed quickly. I found a local contractor who got the job done quickly and accurately, and my house now feels like a "home!" I decided to start a blog to share what I learned during the deck construction process along with some other tips!


3 Ways To Protect Your Hardwood Floors From Dogs

14 January 2015
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People love their dogs, but they don't love what their dogs can do to their hardwood floors. It's extremely common for dogs to accidentally scratch the floors, cause them to warp because of excess moisture, or track dirt onto them and and grind it in. In order to make sure that your hardwood floors stay safe and undamaged, follow these three tips. 1. Add Thin Rugs in Front of the Doors Read More …

Glass Decorating Ideas For Your Office

8 January 2015
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Are you responsible for decorating an office? Perhaps you own an office of your own. If you're looking for new decorating ideas, take advantage of these tips to make an attractive looking office using different glass options: Mirrors: Mirrors will make even the most cramped office feel larger. However, an entire wall of mirrors may make some clients and employees feel uneasy. Instead, have a glass company install mirrors in strategic locations. Read More …

Catching Fire…Can You Handle It?

6 January 2015
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Fire is a destructive force that affects over 1 million structures and costs more than $12 billion in damages per year. 79% of these fires happen in residential homes and claim more than 2,500 lives annually. While it is impossible to prevent every fire, there are things that can be done to reduce the damage created during a fire. This would likely reduce the extent of the fire damage restoration you would need, reduce the amount of money spent in restoration and diminish the inconvenience suffered by your family. Read More …

Three Improvements For Security When Replacing The Windows In Your Home

30 December 2014
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If you are replacing the windows in your home, you may want more than just energy efficiency. You may also want to have security for your family. This can be done with the addition of things like window films, roll down shutters and window guards. It is an investment that will help to keep your family safe, and if you are already replacing windows on your home, it will not be too much of an extra cost. Read More …

Getting The Most Out Of Your Furnace

18 December 2014
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A furnace is only as efficient as the duct system and home that it is connected to. You can buy a highly efficient condensing furnace for your home. Such a furnace will top out at about 98% efficient. Connecting an efficient furnace to an inefficient duct system can vastly decrease the overall performance of your system. Furthermore, if your home does not retain heat as well as it should, the performance of your heating system can be further compromised. Read More …